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Association Subscribers Manager-3.2.0

- AssociationSubscribersManager-3.2.0-i486.pet

Association Subscribers Manager is software designed to manage members of associations. An “association” can be a club sport, a music club, etc.; it is highly customizable. It can manage groups of several thousand members. It is written in C++ with Qt 4 as a GUI framework. All generated files are in an XML-based format to guarantee interoperability.


- download
- dependencies: lib-qt-3.3.8


Features QHacc isn't exactly feature-rich. It's small and simple, and somewhat fast. But it does have some things that I think are worth mentioning:

  • Atomic Operations
  • Account Reporting
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Sub-Accounting
  • Line/Bar/TwoBar/Pie Graphs of accounts (snapshot)
  • Printing of reports and graphs
  • Cut-Copy-and-Paste transactions
  • User configurable transaction types
  • American, European, or Year-first date formats
  • Configurable interface
  • Memorized transactions
  • Double-Entry or Single-Entry bookkeeping
  • Split transactions
  • Auto-increment check numbers on checking accounts
  • Type-Ahead text boxes
  • Reconciliation window
  • Drag and Drop
  • Auto-completion of frequently-used transaction entries
  • MySQL database support
  • PostgreSQL database support
  • SQLite database support
  • Internationalization-able.
  • Import/Export to/from various sources, like XML or QIF
  • Support for CVS
  • Generally pretty stable. (At least, more stable than many things which are less stable.)
  • Based exclusively on QT, so it should be widely </note>
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