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usage: jbig2enc -s -p -v *.ext ; pdf.py output > out.pdf

*Jbig2enc 0.27* (based on leptonica libs 1.63)
- download
- pdf.py

jbig2enc is an encoder for JBIG2.

JBIG2 encodes bi-level (1 bpp) images using a number of clever tricks to get
better compression than G4. This encoder can:

· Generate JBIG2 files, or fragments for embedding in PDFs
· Generic region encoding
· Perform symbol extraction, classification and text region coding
· Perform refinement coding and,
· Compress multipage documents

*Jbig2enc+dpi patch* (executable only)
- download
- pdf.py

update of linux executable with patch that fix the identification of proper dpi in images to encode

simply rename and overwrite old executable in /usr/bin/
*Jbig2enc+ akrykukov patch* (executable only)
- download
- thessalonica-pdf.py thessalonica-pdf.py is also needed

update of linux executable with patch that:

changes jbig2 behavior at two aspects. First, the files generated in the “-p” mode now retain their original names, and just the extension is changed (I use “.jbig2”, but whatever else would be OK). A numerical suffix is added in case of name clashes (or for images which go from multipage tiff files). For this reason the 'basename' parameter is gone. The reason for this change is that source images may have some accompanying files (such as background images previously separated with a scan processing application). In such case file names contain some useful information which should not be lost during the processing/conversion.

The second change allows to generate more than just one symbol dictionary, so that the loading speed for large PDF files can be increased. There is now a new option (-P, –pages-per-dict), which specifies how many pages should be processed at the same pass. The default value for this parameter is 15.

*jbig2enc-modified* (by Radim Hatlapatka)
- download
- http://code.google.com/p/pdfrecompressor/downloads/list

new autoThresh switch added

  1. b <basename>: output file root name when using symbol coding
  2. d –duplicate-line-removal: use TPGD in generic region coder
  3. p –pdf: produce PDF ready data
  4. s –symbol-mode: use text region, not generic coder
  5. t <threshold>: set classification threshold for symbol coder (def: 0.85)
  6. T <bw threshold>: set 1 bpp threshold (def: 188)
  7. r –refine: use refinement (requires -s: lossless)
  8. O <outfile>: dump thresholded image as PNG
  9. 2: upsample 2x before thresholding
  10. 4: upsample 4x before thresholding
  11. S: remove images from mixed input and save separately
  12. j –jpeg-output: write images from mixed input as JPEG
  13. autoThresh: engage using autoThresholding for symbol coder
  14. v: be verbose</note>
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