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First off before I get into everything I've got a bunch of people i'd like to thank. Firstly TazOC for his willingness to help me work through issues and for allowing me to use LHP as a base for this project. As for everyone else, Barry, MU, ttuuxxx, Smokey01, jemimah, dejan555, WhoDo, technosaurus, Béèm, Sit Heel Speak; you guys have helped me so much in so many ways. I'm sure I missed someone, but pretty much if I've talked to you on this board or in the irc channel, add yourself to that list. Razz If it wasnt for your help I never would be releasing this puplet. Thanks.


AttackPup v1
Watch out, this puppy's got fangs!

Download ISO - mirror
Verify with MD5 hash.


Q: What Puppy is this based upon?
A: Its based upon LightHouse Pup 4.43

Q: Where do I get the devx sfs for this version?
A: Here and verify download with the md5 hash.

Q: Why are you ripping off Backtrack?
A: Simply put, I'm not. Backtrack is THE standard for PenTesting, and consequently its also 1.5GB. AttackPup only has a small sampling of the tools BT4 has, which is why its under 400MB.

Q: Will you teach me how to use these tools:
A: No, I will not.

Q: AirCrack isnt working for me, what do I do?
A: In order to use Aircrack you may need to patch your wifi drivers, information on how to do that is on the offical AirCrack site.

Q: Can you teach me how to patch my wifi drivers?
A: No, but there are many sites out there that will direct you in how to do this.

Q: What if I need an updated version of Perl, Python, Ruby, etc to run some of these programs?
A: You have two choices. Compile the latest versions yourself, or you could try the following links. They may or may not work with this version due to changes I had to make to LHP.

Q: I dont see the programs you say that you installed in the menu or in the wbar. Where are they?
A: I'd estimate that a good 90% of the tools I installed must be run from the command line. And must be run with specific arguments from the command line. That's why you wont find them in any menu.

Q: Why isn't [insert tool here] installed in this puplet?
A: 3 possible reasons. 1) Because I either forgot 2) Because I didn't want to fight with installing it 3) I decided not to because of size. If you think of one that should be included, let me know.

Q: Whats with the 'Ram-Session' and 'Regular-Session' in the wbar?
A: Jemimah made a great edit to the initrd.gz file will allows you to load all of your sfs files into ram and work 100% in ram (however changes are not persistant). Depending on the work you need to do, this may be a benefit. So you simply click where you want to run your session and reboot. Note: Until the system will not revert to the previous method. So if you choose to run your next session in ram, you will be running in ram until you select regular session. Note, that due to the size of this package, running everything completely in ram is probably NOT recommended for your system. Also you will need to manually edit 'Regular-Session' (see Notes)

Q: Where is the list of all the programs you removed from LHP as well as the list of all the programs you installed in this version?
A: Look under /root/sys/INFO

Q: Where are the programs you installed?
A: Most are in the typical directories, however some tools are in /root/tools/ If you get command not found when you try to use a tool, its probably in that directory.

Q: So whats different between this and LHP?
A: Changes listed under the section titled, wait for it... 'Changes'

Q: I cant get the MetaSploit installer to work, can you help me?
Q: I cant get the MetaSploit Package to update, can you help me?
Q: I would rather not install MetaSploit, can you create a SFS addon for it?
A: To answer all 3, I have created MetaSploit as a SFS addon package. However, its only current as of its build date. If you need a more current version, you can PM me on site and I'll make a current SFS for you. I may, depending if there is the desire, update it on a weekly basis. The most current stuff is here: SFS and MD5 hash

Q: What systems has this been tested on?
A: It's been tested on two systems. A Lenovo Y510 and an EeePC 1005Ha.

Q: What desktop Wallpapers come with this?
A: These:


I apologize for the size, but the size of these packages is beyond my control. For example, MetaSploit; It's a massive package. I wanted go ahead and install and update it for you, but I didnt. You will need to install update MetaSploit on your own.
Why didnt I do it for you... quite simple, the install and update go from 33MB to around 177 MB, so you can do that on your own so it'll be in your save file. (I've already written a simple installer script for you, its in the firstboot folder)

First thing you need to do is stop and create a save file and reboot, if you want any changes to be persistant (like installing Metasploit)

To install MetaSploit first make sure you have a connection to the internet (otherwise the autoupdate will fail). Then once you have done that just click on: Install-MetaSploit
After you are done installing click on: Cleanup-MetaSpolit-Install-Process (saves you 33mb and deletes these two scripts)

When you are done installing everything and wish to get rid of the popup directory and all setup scripts, click on: Final-Cleanup

Keep in mind what after you install metasploit and then go to run it, it will look like its not doing anything for sometimes 5 to 10 seconds. You may also notice your CPU maxing out, dont worry, nothing is majorly wrong. Once MetaSploit completely loads your CPU usage will drop back down to normal.

I have included jemimah's initrd.gz with this puplet. You have the option in the wbar to choose how you want to run your session. Either normally with your save file on the hard drive, or you can load all your sfs files into ram on boot. Keep in mind, if you choose to do that latter no changes will be saved. I believe jemimah has a working around in place for this, but I have chosen not to implement it in this puplet. I choose that so nothing done while working in ram can affect your saved session, however you can always choose to change that yourself. An important thing to keep in mind is, that you will need to manually edit the 'Regular-Session' script yourself, it is located in /root/sys/. You will need to edit the path to point to the physical drive that is where the files are stored. When you load everything to ram the path to the device where the startup files are stored is no longer /mnt/home/ So you will need to edit the path according to your own system and what drives you have in place. Obviously for it to work the drive will need to me mounted. Failure to do this, will result in the system remaining in the 'Ram-Session' State, as the original initrd.gz will not be replaced.


Programs removed:
inkscapelite, fullerScreen, cdp, gtkam, xsane, abiword, nicoedit, puppypdf, homebank, Calcoo, Cgtkcalc, didiwiki, didiwiki-gui, fpm2, notecase, osmo, pplog, pplog_gui, gftp, you2pup, aqualung, asunder, pdvdrsab, glightoff, picpuz, rubix, tile, xemeraldia, xsoldier, gplanarity, gxine, audacity

Programs added:

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