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a pupplet with texlive 2008 (cutdown version)


1. Add: Link_SFS is used for hot-load some .sfs files.
We can load and use immediately these .sfs (and more) files:

and many other .sfs files

2. Unikey+XVnkb (Vietnamse Input Method for vietnamese users).

3. GhostScript 8.70 (to render pdf file more efficient)

4. TeXMaker: (TeX Editor - Small)
Start from console -> Use command: # texmaker

5. TeXLive 2008 Mini = VnTeX, OmegaVn
Mini-installation => Some packages will be missed, but they can be added easily (Copy the missed packages to work directory).
Add VnTeX and OmegaVN for vietnamese people

6. Djview -> Run from desktop shortcut.
7. Shot-screen -> Run from desktop shortcut (Snapp screen or windows)
8. You2pup -> Run from desktop shortcut
9. Add wl.ko for BroadComp Wifi driver. Tested with T43 IBM ThinkPad (old laptop) and Emachines T725 (new and cheap laptop).
10. Geany editor: Old version (0.13) with vietnamse interface. In case, you don't like viet-interface you can delete the geany.mo in /usr/local/share/local/vi/LC_MESSAGES directory and restart geany.

9. Remove Abiword: For TexUser, who will need Abiword?. puppyPDF is disable (because Abiword was removed)
10. Remove All softs in Fun Directory ->
11. rxvt is replaced by urxvt (Support copy and past from console to editor and vice versa)

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