*chutex 2009* by vanchutr
Who need derivated of Puppy 432 with TexLive 2009?

Specifications of chutex2009.iso

English Interface

1. Remove

All games in Fun dir

2. Update

Bash 4.1
ghostscript 8.70
urxvt (replace rxvt) to support cut and paste from console to editor (vice versa)

3. Add

Convert (Part of ImageMagik) to convert image file
TeXMaker (editor for TeX/LaTeX)
Vietnamese input method (Unikey + XVnkb for Vietnamese people)
wl.ko → for Wifi connect (for Broadcom Wifi interface eth1)
Textadept - (Multi-purpose )Editor

4. Some examples files (.tex) to test TexLive
5. A Zip file - demonstration hoe to make boot cd/dvd

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