*Cloudy Skies Live* (astronomy Puppy)
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Cloudy Skies Live astronomy CD uses the entire Puppy 3.01 Linux as it's core and consists of over 2 dozen programs. In addition to these, there are also 4 JAVA applications and several smaller JAVA applets in 6 categories. Almost all of the astronomy software can be run just by a single click on its associated desktop icon. Documentation for each program is just two mouse clicks away from the desktop, accessed by clicking on the “START HERE” icon.

Compiz-Fusion wizard by Tombh was added to provide 3d accelerated graphics for the following video cards: nVidia (from GeForce2 onwards), ATI (from Radeon 7000 onwards), Intel (from i810 onwards) and Possibly newer SIS cards (but untested so far). The following programs require the use of these drivers for best performance: Celestia, coords, OpenUniverse, Planets3d, Skydome and Stellarium. A 3d graphics card is NOT a requirement to run these 6 programs but the frame rates might be very low. Wine has been installed to run three of the included Windows applications (Iris, Registax and Jupiter2). If you live in the USA, you may find the spreadsheet file “Zipcode 2 longitude” helpful since it includes over 33,000 zipcodes and gives the latitude and longitude for each, in both decimal degrees and degree, minutes and seconds.

There are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of stars included in the installed star catalogs for the seven planetarium programs. Integrated into the “Sky Charts” planetarium program are over 9,800 images (pictures) of the deep sky. All of this and much much more is included on Cloudy Skies Live and NO internet connection is required to use this software.

Humble system requirements: Minimum usable would be about a PII 333Mhz with 256 MB ram and NO hard drive. For better results a 650 MHz (or higher) processer and a 3d graphics card is suggested. If you have 900 MB of ram or more, the CD will load entirely into ram, freeing the CD drive for other uses and allowing programs to start much faster.

A special note to astronomy club members: Cloudy Skies Live is very easy to customize for your clubs planetarium or meeting location. You can easily change the geographic locations in the program/s you wish (You could even change the background or add your clubs newsletter if you desired.)and then save those changes back to the CD! You could then make copies of it for all your astronomy club members.

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