*CuPup-2.17.2v2* (Gxine bugfix)
- download
- download delta patch

if you have already downloaded previous version of Cupup, no redownloading whole ISO is required, please, read below

<hi #ffff00>steps to make a CuPup-2.17.2v2 from CuPup-2.17</hi>:

  1. take CuPup-2.17.2
  2. download delta patch (see here for howto)

join these two files to making final updated file typing, in console:

xdelta3 -d -s oldfile oldfiletonewfile.delta newfile

you need xdelta

It's at 123MB(would have been smaller, forgot to delete cache), with the following:

  1. EasyPup
  2. Firefox 2.0.12 with Flash 9, Adblock Plus, and Download Statusbar pre-installed
  3. Wine 0.9.57 with uTorrent, Arial Font Family, and MSVC 2005 Redist
  4. Leafpad is the default text editor.
  5. Qiv is the default image viewer.

Lots of things were taken out. Too many to remember.

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