*Linux 4.31 with Firefox, Skype, Video*
- download version 1
June 2010 updated version 3:
Lnx431 capable play video smoothly, and correctly grab webcam signal in many hardware configurations.

Linux 431.3 Updated and Improved

System Linux 4.31 Firefox 3.62 Skype 2.1

Updated: GUI, Themes, Fonts, Pictures

-download part1 of version 3
-download part2 of version 3

   451f92e311205f7924a3aca50efb973e lnx-4.31.3.iso

Linux 431.4 Updated: firmware, device drivers and system utilites.

Add: Boot menu , media file and disk player

-download part1 of version 4
-download part2 of version 4

   f256b21bca603aa08bbacd8bb76a26bd  lnx-4.31.4.iso 

Size: 118,827,008

- website - http://sites.google.com/site/lnx431/

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