*Macpup 2.17.1 Alpha 1* (Puppy derivative version with Mac OS look)
- http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=27209 (discussion)
- download - alternative mirror

- Puppy 2.17.1 (most stable according to my opinion)
- Icewm Package (Extremely small package from Ttuuxxx)
- Wbar (Docker application)
- OSX Theme for ICEWM.
- Firefox with Flash instead of Seamonkey

*Macpup_2.17.1_Alpha1b* (bugfix)
- download

Macpup_2.17.1_Alpha1a (Update)
- Back to Seamonkey due to Firefox not handling some websites well.
- Icewm Brushed metal theme instead of OSx theme.
- Logout button added to wbar.
- Now lets you choose the keyboard layout when booting for the first time. 


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