***Macpup Opera 2.0*** (by runtt21)

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Prit And I are proud to announce the release of our newest e17 Macpup,
Macpup Opera 2.0

Macpup Opera 2.0 (a.k.a. O2) is based on puppylinux 4.3.1 (k2.6.30.5) .O2 has all the apps from 4.3.1 plus Opera 10.10 and Gimp 2.6.3 .O2 also Has Dbus 1.2.16 .
The Enlightenment e17 window manager version .061 was also compiled and installed from source.
You can also use jwm. Use the exit menu to change window managers ,
In e17 that is the exit icon on the desktop.Please note that not all the
options in the e17 system shutdown menu work with puppy linux.That is
why the exit menu was added.

The battery module in this build of E17 had a problem of Maxing out the cpu.So I removed it in O2.I have added a script to check battery status .
Just click on the battery icon if you are using a laptop.

This macpup is the first one that was not a remaster.I rebuilt the pup-431.sfs by hand Ttuuxxx style. The.iso is 164 mb.


The included e17 themes are By Verdegal37 or ZaZoo and are customized for Macpup.
You can see more at:

Special Thanks to : Ttuuxxx,Prit,CatDude,Puppyluvr,Mu,Sneekylinux,Verdegal37,
Rasterman all Of the E17 crew,ZaZoOo,WhoDo & BarryK Wolfpup.

More e17 themes and backgrounds :


For more info on the use of e17 check out the puppy forum threads for our previous e17 Macpup's :





Video review:


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