Puppy Arcade 8 by  sc0ttman

the retro gaming puplet

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Upgraded emulators, easier to use, more help, with a quick start dialog, a browser
installer, automatic BIOS and frontend downloaders, default emulator choosers
and a lovely all-in-one, cabinet-friendly, multi-emulator rom-loader!

(Based on TurboPup Xtreme, Puppy 4.2, kernel

Important Changes:

Puppy Arcade now has its own custom-built frontends for many emulators, which
have all been integrated into the most important new app, 'Rom-Loader', which
supports fullscreen, joypad navigation, rom-browsing, emulator settings and more.

More emulators are included than before, including 3 new 'Apple Mac' emulators,
while others have either been upgraded (SDLMAME replaces GxMAME) or they've
had their frontends improved.

When launching your emulators from either Wbar or the start menu, you can choose
which emulators or frontends are loaded by default. Which emulator/frontend you
choose is up to you, and can be controlled by the 'Frontend-Chooser' tool.

The 'Rom-Loader' frontends replace the default emulator frontends where possible,
although this can be changed back easily with the "Frontend-Chooser".

The ISO is only 105mb! This means lots of things had to go or have been replaced by
smaller alternatives. For example, a browser installer has been included, and no browser
is installed by default! You'll need to choose which browser you want when you boot.

All BIOS files have been removed, including the files included in previous versions.
But a simple BIOS file downloader is now availiable, to get you started more quickly.

Lastly, VLC 0.8.6h and VLC-GTK have replaced Gxine and xine, as VLC supports more
filetypes, has great subtitle support and is very fast, even on old PCs. Pmusic is of course
included, while MOC and xmp are included for CLI audio playback of even more files.


Thanks to all the lovely people who helped me on this.. You know who you are!


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