*Mathematic software powered by Puppy Linux*

by Emil

I spent some time with mathematic software recently. Beside others I came across the Sage Project. It's mission goal is to provide a complete open source alternative to the "big players" in that field, i.e. Mathematica, Matlab, Maple, Magma.

It glues together various existing open source packages, as a result is a rather heavy heap of software (uncompressed over 1 GB).

I figured that Puppy Linux would be a very good technology platform to carry this big package and still keep it at a reasonable size (and speed). A usable Live CD - the current Ubuntu version is really minimalistic - or a working USB version would make this ambitious project much more easily distributable. The Iso contains:

    Puppy Linux 431
    Sage Documentation & Tutorial
    Latex & Lyx Editor

Download Mirrors
(685 MB) md5sum: 359f63129d4f3993bd890e4029b4d98f

I think the end result runs with acceptable performance. I have no comparisons of the hardware requirements of other installations, but I think that this version will run fine on "low end" equipment. I could test it with 1 GB RAM and 1,6GHz. It might be possible to go as low as 512 MB Ram - but then surly some Swap space is required.

This project was an interesting learning experience for me (Wallpapers, Menu, Desktopicons, initrd.gz, Memory issues, Swapspace). If anybody likes it I would be happy.


PS: I came about this interesting personal history of the Sage project (from W. Stein, main creator of the project)

PPS: to make setting up swapspace easier I wrote a swapwizard script to assist user in creating swapspace. It is localised in the /etc/rc.d directory. Currently it is not called automatically, but the idea is to include that later.

Screenshot appended

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