*TeenPup* (2008 version)
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TEENpup: More Apps, More Fun

TEENpup is for the PC User who doesn't want or care about setting up Flash, Java, Realmedia. Just Like Windows they expect it all to just work. They don't want to go to say Youtube and a “missing plugin” message comes up, they just expect it all to work. john biles aka John Van Gaans, creator of TEENpup Linux

Minimum System Requirements
  • 500Mhz CPU (Processor)
  • 192Mb RAM (Update: After testing TEENpup 2.14 on a 800MHZ Pentium 3 PC with 128MB's of Ram it was discovered that TEENpup 2.14 is usable.) One discovery is that the system requires about 80MB's of Ram to operate while using any of the KDE Apps included in TEENpup 2.14 One advantage of TEENpup 2.0.0 / 2.14 is that unless any of KDE Apps are started, KDE and its underlying base / dependencies will remain idle freeing up much needed RAM on PC's with only 128MB's. This is just one of the reasons why TEENpup 2.0.0 / 2.14 use the ICEWM / JWM window managers and not the KDE window manager.
  • 20x CD-ROM Drive that can be booted from (Testing has shown that a 4x CD-ROM Drive can also work.)
  • Note: Apps like Gxine etc related to DVD playback, may not appear to work on older PC's with slow Processors and Ram Update 29th of January 2008 VLC Player has played DVD's on older PC's when Gxine Player wouldn't. Testing has shown that newer PC's with good Ghz for the Processor and around 256Mb's of Ram have very little trouble playing DVD's etc.
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