*Turbopup Alpha1* (by synth)
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Turbopup is a trained Puppy optimized for speed and efficiency.

TURBO |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| MAX


- Bling and bloat is optional (disabled by default)

- Optimized and tweaked for maximum CPU efficiency (loads of tweaks)

- No background services (including CUPS printing) started by default. Enable the bloat only when you need it.

- Simplified minimalistic desktop - no virtual desktops,no memory-sucking thumbnails,no silly applets

- More user friendly: tweaked desktop and file manager, upgraded JWM for a more elegant look

- Fixes for some of the annoyances and issues of Puppy 4.2

- Less is more: Puppy can look even better with less bling

NOTE: This is just an early alpha preview. The final version will have a different look and feel.

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