binaries compiled in Puppy Linux from source and made portable for other Linux distro (and also for every Puppy version)

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packages built in Puppy Linux and made portable stand-alone virtually for any linux distro thanks to the power of Ermine


- Edithtml-standalone.bz2
- originally compiled in Puppy Linux 5.2.5 with Qt 4.7.3 static
- md5sum <hi>80f064db72992a5cc703b077a0300c81 Edithtml-standalone.bz2</hi>

<hi>made portable using MagicErmine</hi> , runs in any linux distro (and Puppy version older and newer than 5.2.5)

simply unzip, click and run

Light html Wysiwyg editor to work self or to integrate on a QT 4 CMS projekt, or in place of Word and exports as pdf file.


  • Inline image edit
  • Image Crop
  • Image Rotate
  • Image GreyScale / sepia effect
  • Image Color filter
  • Image resize / scale
  • Grab screenshot on evry os CTRL+W (Apple on mac)
  • Large Context menu right click
  • Support jpg,png,gif ( USB stick version static build only png )
  • Full Drag & Drop support file image.
  • XHTML source and Wysiwyg edit
  • Tidy filter included
  • Inline table edit cell padding , BG color, with , border, cell color background
  • All os system installed font avaiable
  • All aligment setting avaiable
  • Inline pixel margin setting on paragraph / span / block attributes
  • Bullet list / Orderet list
  • Inline link creator
  • Paste image direct from from other application
  • Paste html direct from firefox browser image included
  • Paste excel formated table section copy from openoffice as image or other application html mime.
  • Paste full html page direct from browser image included
  • Export as pdf format or as html/xhtml & separated image linked to “./”
  • CSS 1/2 self setup on source
  • Print all page
  • Work on 3 modus: View (like browser) - Wysiwyg edit - Source edit
  • Cross compile on Window / Linux / Mac OSX and other OS supported from QT like Handheld PC or cellular.
  • No javascript support on Wysiwyg modus, can only write on Source modus. </note>
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