binaries compiled in Puppy Linux from source and made portable for other Linux distro (and also for every Puppy version)

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packages built in Puppy Linux and made portable stand-alone virtually for any linux distro thanks to the power of Ermine

pws 0.3.1

- pws 0.3.1
- source code
- originally compiled in Puppy Linux 5.2.5 with Qt 4.7.3 static
- md5sum <hi>f5a88efb2be8b8b1b7156444690b7fcc</hi>

<hi>made portable using MagicErmine</hi> , runs in any linux distro (and Puppy version older and newer than 5.2.5)

simply unzip, click and run

pws aims to be a fully compatible passwordsafe implementation. heart of the project is libpws, a general library for reading and writing passwordsafe compatible files. currently passwordsafe files format v2 and passwordsafe files format v3.2 are supported.
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